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hci Our robots introduced a keynote speaker

In AIR-Lab, we value and enjoy interdisciplinary collaborations. In this event, Judith Künneke teamed up with our Nao robots to introduce the keynote speaker at a “Empowering Accounting with AI” conference held at Tilburg University. Our robots successfully carried out this real-world task in front of conference attendees.

Organizer: Department of Accountancy at Tilburg , Tilburg, 08-10-2023

hci AIR-Lab at Weekend of Science.

During the weekend of science (Mindlabs Open Junior), we introduced our laboratory to children and their parents. We present an overview of the AIR-Lab and ongoing research activities with simple interactive demos, e.g., animal-like robots, learning emotions through interacting with social robots, and robot soccer.

Organizer: MindLabs, Tilburg, 08-10-2023

hci AIR-LAB at MindLabs opening.

We participate (with our robots) in the MindLabs opening. Throughout the day, we show various interactive demos --e.g., robot soccer, human-robot interaction, pick and place with a robot arm, and in-house 3D printed robot hand, to mention a few-- and share our ongoing research activities with the public.

Organizer: MindLabs, Tilburg, 28-09-2023

hci Interview with AIR-Lab co-coordinators

Nicole Duller has interviewed us (Murat Kirtay and Giacomo Spigler) on our research activities at AIR-Lab on Human/Robot-Robot Interactions, robot soccer, and robot pets. We introduced our approach from two perspectives: cognitive developmental robotics and deep learning for robotics. We shared our practices regarding AI Ethics, safety, regulations, integrating robots into society, trustworthy AI/Machine Learning, etc. [Image credit: Dalle.]

Interviewer: Nicole Duller, Universität Klagenfurt, 23-06-2023

hci Robotics and Psychology: the dual pillars of human-robot symbiotic societies

This talk summarizes interdisciplinary research outputs at the intersection of Robotics and Psychology. I shared the research findings on co-representation, multimodal integration, trust, and theory of mind for human-robot and robot-robot interactions. In addition, I discussed the outcomes of these studies in the context of Human-Robot Symbiotic Societies. Most of the results have been achieved as part of the "Multimodal Interaction and Communication" project at the Cluster of Excellence, Science of Intelligence.

Organizer: Coplex, study asssocication psychology Tilburg

Humanoid robots for symbiotic societies

In this talk, I introduced our ongoing human-robot and robot-robot interaction studies. Here the key focus was humanoid robots and their roles in research and (future) society. I present the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to endow humanoid robots with (trustworthy) socially interactive skills --such as partner corepresentation, scaffolding, and multimodal integration, to mention a few-- for human-robot symbiotic societies. I also briefly disscussed with Giacomo Spigler on the trade-off between end-to-end machine learning and explainable AI.

Organizer: TAISIG for human-centric AI, Tilburg University

hci Robots in Human-Robot and Robot-Robot Interactions

I presented physically and virtually embodied robots in human-robot and robot-robot interactions (HRI and RRI). In addition, I shared tips and tricks for collaborating with researchers from different disciplines (e.g., psychology and neuroscience) and designing HRI and RRI experiments by introducing robotic sensors, actuators, and controllers.

Organizer: Doris Pischedda, Q Team, Charité - Univesitätsmedizin Berlin